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Established in 1977 to provide Drilling Fluids and Engineering Services in the Middle East. Headquartered in the Oilfields Supply Center Ltd Jebel Ali Free Zone – Dubai, complete with a purpose built logistics and bulk drilling fluids facility, maintaining a large inventory of drilling and completion fluids products, solids control equipment, filtration and drilling/environmental waste management systems, that service projects across the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia.

Our Products & Services


Dubai Technology Center

The MI Gulf Services Research and Engineering Center in Dubai-UAE, is the principal point for
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Highly Inhibitive Water Based Muds (HIWBM)

Highly inhibitive system is utilizing a 100% active and field proved polyamine for ionic inhibition: OS HIB
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Loss Circulation

MI Gulf Services LC Solutions includes the full range of particles, fibers, cross linking polymers
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High Temperature High Pressure

MI Gulf Services provided High and Ultra-High Temperature systems both WBM (OS DRILL HT)
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High Overbalance Drilling

MI Gulf Services provides fluids systems specifically designed for high and very high overbalanced drilling
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Coring Fluids

MI Gulf Services provides complete solutions for Coring operations working together with the operator
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Closed Loop DWM Packages

Drilling Oil and Gas wells are becoming increasingly strict globally, so planning is vital
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